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  • 35 Years of Serving Oregonians!

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  • 35 Years of Serving Oregonians!

  • 35 Years of Serving Oregonians!

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HEP Energy Auditor - Beaverton
(2/11/19 - 2/15/19)
Available Seats: 0
Price: $0.00
Start Time:
9:00 am
End Time:
5:00 pm
This class is only for staff that are employed by one of the Community Action Agencies in the State of Oregon.

HEP Energy Auditor is based on a National Renewable Energy Laboratory/U.S. Department of Energy Job Task Analysis (JTA) of the same name. The course is broken down into five days of instruction focusing on the job description/duties outlined in the JTA.

This class meets the requirement for the mandated Tier 1 training.

Students will be exposed to and practice the skills needed to become a successful Energy Auditor. These skills include: conducting a precise energy audit of the building, collecting the required data to create a comprehensive report on the energy consumption of the building and creating a detailed work order outlining the benefits and pay back of recommended energy conservation measures, understanding specifications and standards, performing building and safety diagnostics, recording/reporting findings and concerns and communicating effectively with the client.

This course is designed to prepare qualified students to take the Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor certification exam. State-of-the-art technology is used in both the classroom and the field to provide students with a high quality learning environment.

Students will take one final assessment exam of their Energy Auditor skills. Upon successful completion of this exam, each student will receive a certificate of completion. Student learning will be assessed using quizzes, instructor observation, and a 36-question exam. This assessment is to benefit both the instructors and students in identifying areas requiring additional improvement.

Prerequisites: Since this course covers a wealth of material in a limited time, it is strongly recommended that students possess a BPI Building Analyst Professional certification and/or have extensive related industry experience. Students should be competent in basic mathematics, construction terminology, and possess basic computer operation skills prior to attending this training. If students do not hold a current BPI Building Analyst then they must read all 9 Energy Auditor prerequisite presentations that will be emailed upon successful registration of the Energy Auditor class. These must be read before the first day of class. Students must complete all 9 quizzes with a score of at least 75% before attending the Energy Auditor class. Upon completing the quizzes students must email a copy to dhughes@warmandsafenow.com.

Students seeking the BPI HEP Energy Auditor Certification must meet specific work experience prerequisites.

A detailed list of prerequisites can be found on the BPI website. Students seeking the BPI HEP Energy Auditor Certification must apply directly with BPI and receive approval to take the exams. The BPI Approval Letter must be provided to the Oregon Training Institute prior to taking any exams. The application and instructions for applying may be found on the BPI website http://www.bpi.org/professionals_advanced.aspx .

BPI HEP Energy Auditor written and field exams are held after the training, usually the same or following week. BPI Exams will be scheduled with each candidate. Candidates are also encouraged to visit our online resources available at http://www.warmandsafenow.com/resources.html .

B. Learning Objectives

Students will perform comprehensive interior and exterior energy audits of homes and demonstrate mastery by completing all of the items on the field proctor checklist to satisfactory levels determined by the field proctor rubric.

When given details about a weatherization project and a series of 36 written questions about home energy audits, students will assess and interpret the way air moves through a building and whether that air is poor quality or not by successfully answering at least 26 of the 36 questions correctly.

Students will be able to correctly use the following equipment to diagnose homes for safety and efficiency; Blower Door, Duct Blaster, Pressure, Exhaust Fan Flow Meter, Combustion Analyzer, Combustible Gas Leak Detector and Ambient CO Monitor, the course instructor will grade the students performance utilizing the field proctor rubric.

By the end of the course students will be able to select appropriate energy conservation measures by successfully answering at least 26 of the 36 questions correctly about home energy audits correctly.

While testing a home with a combustion appliance, students will assess whether the appliance is safe to operate and determine if the appliance is operating according to DOE regulations by completing all of the items on the field proctor checklist to satisfactory levels determined by the field proctor rubric.

Course Instructor will be Dan Hughes.

This course is eligible for 40 OTI CEUs and 10 BPI CEUs.

Students will need to complete and return a Student Participation Agreement Form. Download here http://warmandsafenow.com/docs/Energy_Auditor_Student_Participation_Agreement_and_acknowledgement_v2.0.pdf .

Assessment Criteria can be found here. http://warmandsafenow.com/docs/Quiz Assessment Criteria_Oregon Training Institute.pdf .

Beaverton Round Executive Suites
12725 SW Millikan Way, Third Floor Training Center
Beaverton, OR
Required Items to Bring:
Must provide Valid ID and BPI approval letter to sit BPI Exams. Email dhughes@warmandsafenow.com for password. Please Note unique schedule: Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday 9am - 5pm, Wednesday 9:00am - 5:00pm, Thursday 9:30am - 4:30pm at field home in Tigard(address will be supplied in class), Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm. Friday written exams; 1:00 to 5:00 pm BPI Exams are not included and students must register and pay for separately.
Attendance Policy
All portions of training MUST be attended and late arrivals are not allowed, nor accommodated. Missed portions of trainings are subject to make-up time at participant's expense. Petitions to this policy must be submitted in writing and are considered on a case-by-case basis. OECA reserves the right to ensure a safe and positive training environment and therefore may exclude or dismiss anyone who chooses not to follow staff directives.
Cancellation Policy
Rights Reserved The Oregon Energy Coordinators Association (OECA) reserves the right to make changes to programs, agendas, and logistics of any event, conference, training or workshop. OECA also reserves the right to cancel any event, conference, training or workshop. Registrants will receive a full refund upon such cancellations.

Refunds Full refunds, minus fees, will be granted for cancellations made 21 calendar days prior to the event, conference, training or workshop. Cancellations received after this deadline will not be refunded. All cancellations made with less than 21 days' notice are subject to a $100.00 administrative fee or 25% cancellation fee, which ever is smaller.

Liability Liability is limited to refunds of registration fees only.

Transferability Registrations may be transferable from one participant to another within an organization. Transfer of a registration payment from one event to another is not allowed.

Exceptions Circumstances beyond control of individuals will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Special requests must be submitted in writing and sent to the OECA at training@WarmandSafeNow.com.
No Meals Provided
OECA is not providing meals for this class.